Not Handicapped But Handi-Capable
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Legacy Vans has the full line-up of BraunAbility platform wheelchair lifts for sale. Braun wheelchair lifts include the Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) which stores out of sight until needed, the Vangater which offers easy vehicle exit and access for all passengers, the Millennium which offers accessibility with time tested durability, and the Century which is simplified and streamlined at an economical price. We have a Braun lift for almost any full size van or minivan.

BraunAbility UVL Series Wheelchair Lift

The BraunAbility Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) is the mobility lift for those who demand the best of everything. With these wheelchair lifts mounted underneath the vehicle by Handicapable Vans, they remain out of sight and out of the way until needed. This translates to easy access for ambulatory passengers and…

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BraunAbility Millennium Series Wheelchair Lift

BraunAbility Millennium Series Wheelchair Lift
The Braun Millennium Series is the keystone of the BraunAbility line. It features a strong, stable lifting platform with time-tested durability. Well designed features include the standard side-entry platform, which allows boarding in tight parking spaces. With so much riding on your personal mobili…

BraunAbility Century Series Wheelchair Lift

The BraunAbility Century Series offers all of the wheelchair-lifting benefits of other BraunAbility wheelchair lift in a streamlined, affordable package. It features two hydraulic lift arms built to withstand harsh Mississippi weather. The simplified electrical system means trouble-free operation, whi…