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 Top Seven Considerations When Choosing Your Ideal Wheelchair Conversion Van

  1. Vehicle Size: One of the primary aspects to consider when looking for the perfect wheelchair conversion van is size. Whether you need compact mobility for city driving or a spacious vehicle for comfortable long-distance travel, understanding your size needs is key.
  1. Accessibility Features: Ensure the van comes equipped with the necessary accessibility features. This includes ramps or lifts, an adequate number of wheelchair tie-downs, wheelchair lockdown system and a lowered floor for comfortable seating height.
  1. Vehicle Brand and Conversion Quality: Your Legacy Vans team will help you seek out a conversion van from a reliable manufacturer and converter. High-quality conversions offer durability and longevity, ensuring your van serves you well for years.
  1. Comfort and Interior Amenities: Consider the comfort of the wheelchair user and other passengers. Look for features like adjustable seats, climate control, and sufficient legroom.
  1. Budget Considerations: While exploring conversion van options, it’s crucial to take your budget into account. At Legacy Vans we will offer options that best suit your budget ranges.
  1. Resale Value: Think ahead about the potential resale value of your conversion van. Vans from popular brands with high-quality conversions that have been well maintained often retain their value better.
  1. Professional Advice: Last, but certainly not least, seek expert advice. A Legacy Vans professional can guide you through the process, ensuring you find the right conversion van that fits all your needs.

Legacy Vans is ready to work with you in your journey of finding the perfect wheelchair conversion van. As leaders in the field of mobility solutions, we’re dedicated to putting your independence in motion.

You can count on us to do our best to help you find a vehicle that not only enhances your mobility but also boosts your confidence and quality of life.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Vans of Mississippi BraunAbility has over 40 years of mobility expertise – the most in the industry. They are dedicated to providing the best handicap lifts and wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market.

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